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When you are in a place that you enjoy being in, with your loved ones, with an ideal location, food and local culture and you can still contribute as an employee of your organization, isn’t this ideal?

Work no longer needs to feel like ‘work’.

Crete is an ideal place to visit all year round. Its mild climate and its unique mountainous features attract visitors before and after the established touristy summer season. Crete’s stunning natural beauty awakens in visitors an imperative need to discover its mountains, its gorges, its paths.

Crete is a heaven for nature lovers and those combining adventure and fun on their stay. The island offers a variety of activities and opportunities for exploring nature and promises a unique and unforgettable experience for those who decide to explore it.

From the dunes of Lafonissi and Xerokambos to the tropical shores of Kedrodasos and Chrissi, from the hidden beaches in the wild gorges of Sfakia and Asteroussia to the emerald bays of Triopetra and Plakias, from Balos and Elounda lagoons to the palm groves of Preveli and Vai, from piney beaches of Ierapetra to the long organized strands of the northern coasts, Crete offers the ultimate combination of carefree holidays and natural beauty.