What is a digital nomad?

Someone who can conduct their work on any device, anytime, anywhere… and enjoy the benefits of travelling while making an income.
You can be self-employed, a freelancer or employee.
Your company HQ or “National Tax Office” is not where you are working.
You usually are moving from place to place – from a few days to monthly stints. NB Digital Nomad is different from a remote worker.
Remote workers are based in one place – but not with the rest of the team. They either don’t live where HQ is or move for a spouse, to care for a parent, form a new line of business, etc.

Who Can Crete Host?

Individuals who want to make a change.
Startups who want to tap into the rich Greek ecosystem and talent on offer.
Multinational companies who are looking to relocate some of their staff or operations.

How to get to Crete?

Crete is one of the most convenient islands to reach, as it has three different airports and six ports. Most travel will be through Athens as many flights to Crete include a stop in Athens. If you’re traveling within Europe, there are a number of European and British cities that fly directly to Crete as well.

Piraeus, the major port of Athens, offers a number of ferries to the various ports of Crete. Alternatively, several Greek islands, such as Santorini, Naxos, and Mykonos, have ferry routes to Crete for those travelers looking to visit multiple islands on their trip.

What services are on offer?


a) Fast internet, right vibe, great coffee, desk and comfortable chair.

b) NICE TO HAVE: Great location with enough dining variety and things to do.

c) AN INSTANT COMMUNITY. Especially for the solo digital nomad.

d) NETWORKING EVENTS – really key. Great way for digital nomads to get a read on the local scene, and for locals to get an international dose of … the outside world!

This is actually the most important part. It is the community-forming side, it promotes local engagement. Also the non tourist stuff – impromptu day trips and meals together.

e) Productive, distraction-free zone – rather than a cafe, where you have to drink a lot of coffee to justify the 4 seat table you’re taking up, unreliable wifi and people walking

f) Accommodation assistance – vital in an overpriced tourism market.

g) Staying/Staffing/Setting up Companies in Greece. Tips, assistance and connections.

h) Advice. Where to eat, where to drink, meet people, find sports groups. Get a watch repaired! People ask everything, we already tell them where to get the best coffee in town.

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